Yesterday we spent the whole day at the beach and then after dinner we walked down to the town for some drinks. I Love these hot summer nights.


Dive in

My mom and brother came for a visit Yesterday, and they’re staying until monday. I haven’t seen them since november last year, so its great that I get to hang out with them a bit longer now! And since I’m off work on friday and Saturday we’re going to walk around so they can see the town!


Last night to celebrate the 4 day weekend we made white wine spritzers, painted the outdoor furniture and played Trivial Pursuit. 


Saturday I had my last test day at work, so next time I’ll be all by myself. A little scary, But I think it’ll be fine! When I got home Joels friends had come for a visit and were playing NHL, when they were done we walked down to Glenns and ate some burgers. On sunday we spent the day on our balcony since the weather was great (i was in the shade though because I’m a wimp). We decided we wanted bagels and croissants, so that’s what the second picture is of. And since the new Pirates movie is coming to theaters before summer we decided to start watching the old ones again, one each weekend. 

tour prep


Picture from yesterdays workout.

So last night my class and I had a nice end of the week chill party, we talked and played some cards and talked all night. Today we packed the van with all our props and furniture for the show since we’re leaving for the tour tomorrow! When I got home I dyed my roots and now I’m relaxing in front of the TV and washing some of my costumes. I probably need to go to bed soon, but knowing myself I’ll probably end up watching too many episodes and going to bed super late. 😛

Happy saturday!

I told you

Good morning! (or more like good afternoon….)

I managed to sleep 12 hours last night! I woke up and my throat was feeling a bit off, but it’s better now. It’s really nice weather outside today, sunny and blue skies without a cloud in sight, and here I am, sitting inside. Well to be fair I am working. I’ve been sending emails to the local newspapers about our play, so hopefully we’ll get a few spreads in them so that people will start to get psyched and so we get a sold out premiere weekend! I still have to call some radio stations and tell them about it and see if they might want to come out and interview us about it.

Spa time

Booked a spa day at Varbergs Asia Spa for saturday with my hubby with a 25 min massage, can’t wait. Great way to start off the year with a relaxing weekend and the best person ever.

(Here are som pictures from the website:)