Sunday burgers

On sunday we decided to go out and eat since the weather was amazing. We went to a burger joint in town that we like called Amadeus, and of course had a beer- because what is summer without beer when you sit outside?


Clear blue sky

May 1st

May 1st, the weather was great and I spent it with two lovelies. First me and Gabbi went out to her familys cottage by a lake and spent a few hours there. Joel’s train was late, and I had to stay in Gothenburg so he could get a ride home with me, so Lisa and I ate dinner and walked around talking for a couple of hours while I waited. All in all a magical day and great start to May.


Saturday I had my last test day at work, so next time I’ll be all by myself. A little scary, But I think it’ll be fine! When I got home Joels friends had come for a visit and were playing NHL, when they were done we walked down to Glenns and ate some burgers. On sunday we spent the day on our balcony since the weather was great (i was in the shade though because I’m a wimp). We decided we wanted bagels and croissants, so that’s what the second picture is of. And since the new Pirates movie is coming to theaters before summer we decided to start watching the old ones again, one each weekend. 

I smell sunshine

Already thursday. The past few days have been sunny and warm. I had my first work day today, it was gray and rainy until 15 minutes before we were done, so I get to spend the rest of the day in the sun at least! 

Work at 9am tomorrow, but I’m in the mood for a beer tonight anyways. Maybe the boy and I will go to town and drink a beer. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

I told you

Good morning! (or more like good afternoon….)

I managed to sleep 12 hours last night! I woke up and my throat was feeling a bit off, but it’s better now. It’s really nice weather outside today, sunny and blue skies without a cloud in sight, and here I am, sitting inside. Well to be fair I am working. I’ve been sending emails to the local newspapers about our play, so hopefully we’ll get a few spreads in them so that people will start to get psyched and so we get a sold out premiere weekend! I still have to call some radio stations and tell them about it and see if they might want to come out and interview us about it.


Work out done ✔️ 

It’s finally friday and amazing weather. This week has gone crazy fast, we had our last acro class today, it was awesome and scary as usual. Yesterday I was an extra in one of the filmstudents movies, the location was a little bar in the middle of nowhere, super cute! Anyways, next week on tuesday my class is going to Gothenburg for the International Film Festival. Looking forward to seeing some great films!