Yesterday we had a graduation party. Bbq food, we sat outside almost all night, the teachers put on a little skit which was hilarious, and then danced until our det hurt. It was an amazing last night with everyone. 


Human Desire


I got the pictures from our dance show and here they are! We called it “Human Desire”, and used the speach from The Great Dictator in the show and as an inspiration. We improvised the entire thing and choreographed it ourselves. Such a cool project.

summer dress wanties

1. here 2. here 3. here 4. here 5. here 6. here

So since the weather’s been amazing, I was in the mood for a nice summer dress. These are my favorites on right now.


My boyfriend and I have been building this outdoor couch for a few weeks now, we started with painting all the pieces before we put them together. Now the only thing missing is cussions. 


Last night to celebrate the 4 day weekend we made white wine spritzers, painted the outdoor furniture and played Trivial Pursuit. 

Dance your heart out

Tomorrow, our last two shows that wrap up two years at this school. Two years of hardship, challenges, laughs and so much more that I cannot put into words. These years have changed life as I know it. Now is when my life truly starts, where I have to try to make it in this business. 

Lake day

This weekend I’ve had my first work day. Up at 06am Yesterday and today, so at the moment I’m pretty exhausted. When I got home from work we went to the store and bought some snacks and then drove to the lake. It was a little windy but still nice. This next week is a 3-day week and then after that, only one more week of school! Crazy.



Today we’re shooting a movie with a fairytale theme, so we’ve all been running around in the woods as fairies and butterflies and goblins. So I took some pictures between takes!

Clear blue sky