Today at 9am we did the hospital scene, which only took about 45 min to shoot all in all. So I was home a little over 11.

This weekend is basically going to be a bunch of work and school, except for tomorrow. My friends coming down for a visit so we decided to meet up for lunch. Haven’t seen her in months so it’s going to be great!




My look for the scenes we shot Yesterday. I’m actually a bit in love with it and wouldn’t mind walking around like this all the time. Tomorrow we’re doing hospital scenes and possibly some others as well!

black is better

Sweater from Gina Tricot, Shirt from Bläck

Just a little outfit post of what I’m wearing today. I really need to buy a camera so I can start taking better pictures.



Top from Gina Tricot, Jacket from Jofama by Kenza, Jeans from Levis.

Good morning!

Today my day is going to be mostly school work. I have a repport I have to send in by today, and tomorrow I have a national test in the morning, and after the test I have my first day shooting the movie! I’m very excited and can’t wait to see how it turns out when it’s done.

On another note, I’ve been half-sick for about 2 weeks now, so I haven’t been to the gym in a week and it sucks. It’s not like I’m way too sick to work out, but I’m on the other hand afraid that if I do work out I’ll get super super super sick, and aint nobody got time for that. They say that lots of ginger and that tumeric also helps. Any other tips?

Lilla Napoli


After work this morning and a little nap we went to Lilla Napoli here in Falkenberg for a nice Saturday dinner. It’s a very small venue, but the pizza really is great, it’s something about the dough. It’s fluffier than normal pizza dough and almost melts in your mouth. And a big plus was that a beer only cost 50kr, and a glass of wine was priced at 65kr! Exactly what you need to win me over.

thursday workout


Today I finished most of my school work, and then went to the gym for my second work out of the week. I’ve been a real gym slacker this week, I’ve been feeling a little sick and tired so I’ve just focused on my school work instead, so I’m thinking about throwing in a workout or two this weekend since I’ll be working anyways and my gym is right by my work!

I checked my calendar today, and my god I have a stressful month ahead of me. Lots of work and school work, and in two weeks I’m filming a movie with my ex-classmates. So I have a lot to look forward to, along with nights where I might not sleep.

Fine dining


Picture one: Sundays balcony-dinner. Picture two: Saturday at Harry’s (deer meat and carrot purée).

On Friday Joel’s parents came down for a visit. Since they were a bit tired and it was pouring down outside we opted for a simple pizza night with some beer at home.

On Saturday we went to Gekås i Ullared (which is surprisingly the largest attraction in Sweden with over a million visitors per year) since they had never been. We walked around the enormous store for about an hour and bought some hair products and a microwave since ours broke the day before. When we got back to town we bought some beer at System Bolaget and then went bowling, which was also a first for the two of them. We went home after that and drank some beers before heading to Harry’s for dinner at 8pm.

On Sunday we all woke up around 2pm, pretty tired from the night before. Since the weather was nice we walked to the store, and when we got back I made pancakes served with jam and ice-cream. Then we decided it would be nice to eat dinner on the balcony since the weather was so nice. Steaks, potatoes in the oven and pepper sauce. It was such a perfect ending to the weekend.

Crayfish party


Last Saturday a few friends of mine decided to have a little crayfish party. These parties are very popular in Scandinavia and are seasonal, usually in the summer or early fall. We eat crayfish and other shellfish, drink schnapps and other beverages, but since all of us were kind of pussies when it comes to shots. So we opted for wine instead.

Spa evening


On saturday we spent the evening at Falkenberg Strandbad. We spent 4hs in their various warm pools and it was truly a fantastic evening.



On monday I had my first day assisting a new circus school. 3 different groups of kids and it was pretty fun! It’ll be every monday for 3hs from now until December 11th. Doesn’t hur that the paycheck is pretty nice too!

On the 18th my school starts, I got an email confirmation today of my enrollment. I haven’t gotten the book for my first class yet though.. so I should really get on that.

Now for some more work on the outdoor table.