Finally friday. We did a run-through of act 1 yesterday and it went Okay! It was nice to get a flow. It’s been a tough week, a lot of people are sick and it’s been tough waking up in the mornings. I guess with all the chaos on stage and working out I haven’t had much energy over. In about half an hour I have to leave for work. 14-21 today.

Anyways, Hope everyone has a nice day!


Work out done ✔️ 

It’s finally friday and amazing weather. This week has gone crazy fast, we had our last acro class today, it was awesome and scary as usual. Yesterday I was an extra in one of the filmstudents movies, the location was a little bar in the middle of nowhere, super cute! Anyways, next week on tuesday my class is going to Gothenburg for the International Film Festival. Looking forward to seeing some great films!