Saturday I had my last test day at work, so next time I’ll be all by myself. A little scary, But I think it’ll be fine! When I got home Joels friends had come for a visit and were playing NHL, when they were done we walked down to Glenns and ate some burgers. On sunday we spent the day on our balcony since the weather was great (i was in the shade though because I’m a wimp). We decided we wanted bagels and croissants, so that’s what the second picture is of. And since the new Pirates movie is coming to theaters before summer we decided to start watching the old ones again, one each weekend. 

Anniversary and rehearsal week

So last wednesday my bf and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary. We went out to dinner at Falkenbergs Strandbad and ate a great two-course meal. And since it was international womens day I got a rose from the waitors. 

This week we’ve been working 12h a day rehearsing, beacause on saturday it’s finally time for the premiere! Since a few of us are a bit sick we got a shorter day today, so I’m gonna take a “power nap” (more like 3h sleep time) and then go through my lines, and then watch some The People vs. OJ Simpson. I really recommend it if any of you like series about murder cases that are based on true stories!