Yesterday I took the train at 05:07 am to Stockholm for my one week intro course for Viasat. We went out for beers when we got back to the hotell and just talked for a couple hours. This morning at 8 am I got up and we went down and ate breakfast. There’s something amazing about staying at a hotel and eating hotel breakfast. Today we got to try field sales, and it was a lot harder than I thought But still fun! Now I’m laying in my bed, completely exhausted and I’ve already brushed my teeth, so I’m just going to change and probably pass out instantly! Another day tomorrow. 


Saturday I had my last test day at work, so next time I’ll be all by myself. A little scary, But I think it’ll be fine! When I got home Joels friends had come for a visit and were playing NHL, when they were done we walked down to Glenns and ate some burgers. On sunday we spent the day on our balcony since the weather was great (i was in the shade though because I’m a wimp). We decided we wanted bagels and croissants, so that’s what the second picture is of. And since the new Pirates movie is coming to theaters before summer we decided to start watching the old ones again, one each weekend.