Girls girls girls

Yesterday we had a girls dinner with kubb. After we drove to town and went to the hotel to play some pool, but the table was occupied so we sat and talked and drank some cocktails instead. Or Well, they did. I was driving. 


I wish

At the moment all I really want to do is to drink fruity drinks on the balcony, not have to work or worry about money or stress about the future. 


Last night to celebrate the 4 day weekend we made white wine spritzers, painted the outdoor furniture and played Trivial Pursuit. 


Hey blog!

It’s wednesday, and so far I’ve done some laundrey, made food, applied for some jobs and watched a few episodes of HIMYM. I’m really hoping that I’ll get a job soon and can start working some weekends, mama needs to save some money, not to mention I would like to save some money for a trip soon. Maybe in the beginning of summer? Does anyone have any good travel tips?

Anyways, later on today I’m going to a co-workers place and a few of us girls are having a 3-course dinner and some drinks. Have to start picking out an outfit soon!

Have a great wednesday guys!