Rockoff 2017

Just came back from a vacation spent on the Aland Islands. It consisted of 9 days of partying at a music festival called Rockoff where various Swedish artists (and this year even Toto) performed. It’s the first year I’ve been able to attend every day since I was about 16 or 17, so I did the whole 9 yards. Here are the few pictures I managed to take during the week.


Started the week with couples dinner at my bf sisters place, where we also stayed.


First night, met my friends brother who is about 2m tall.

Lunch at Ångbåtsbryggan.

Couldn’t bring alcohol in, so we had to drink it all before. Tower of our accomplishment.

Dinner at ÅSS. 

The night Europe played. Couldn’t even see them because there was such an insane crowd!

Friday dinner at Indigo with the in-laws.

Freddy Kalas.

Norli & KKV.

Tomas and I from the last night at my friends birthday party. 

Now I’m back home in Sweden and it’s a bit weird. But it was a crazy fun week, and who knows, maybe I’ll do it all over again next year! Hopefully with a bit more cash this time though… Haha!




Bovik, Åland


London eye, London


Somewhere over Scotland


Summerburst, Stockholm


Alanya, Turkey


Åland with babes.

Merry Christmas

Yesterday I celebrated christmas eve at my dad’s place with his wife’s family, Starting with christmas riceporridge at 12. Then we watched the yearly Donald Duck christmas cartoons before dinner. My newest sibling Idun mostly just slept and ate the whole day, oh to be a child again. After dinner we opened presents and just hung out and talked.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on a Ferry on my way to celebrate christmas day with my SO’s parents on Brändö. The ferry takes about 2,5 h so I’ll be there around 1:40pm.

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas!

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