May 1st

May 1st, the weather was great and I spent it with two lovelies. First me and Gabbi went out to her familys cottage by a lake and spent a few hours there. Joel’s train was late, and I had to stay in Gothenburg so he could get a ride home with me, so Lisa and I ate dinner and walked around talking for a couple of hours while I waited. All in all a magical day and great start to May.


Saturday I had my last test day at work, so next time I’ll be all by myself. A little scary, But I think it’ll be fine! When I got home Joels friends had come for a visit and were playing NHL, when they were done we walked down to Glenns and ate some burgers. On sunday we spent the day on our balcony since the weather was great (i was in the shade though because I’m a wimp). We decided we wanted bagels and croissants, so that’s what the second picture is of. And since the new Pirates movie is coming to theaters before summer we decided to start watching the old ones again, one each weekend.