LUSH Cosmestics


I got this package in the mail today from my sister for my birthday. They’re all organic products and they’re home made. Can’t wait to test them!




This summer at Falkenberg Strandbad.



I often find myself having a hard time falling asleep. My mind wanders, I think about all the things I want to (but most likely won’t) do tomorrow, things I want to buy, when I’m going to buy them, money, lack off money, how to get money, things I did several years ago that I’m still embarrassed about, and what I could have done to change the situation….


It’s insane what a stressed mind can do. Sleep slips away and I find myself trying to count sheep or think “dream thoughts” (you know where you start by imagining a scenario or a scene and hope it develops into a dream). This can come and go in periods for me. But it occurs very often, and for a while I wrote things down on a piece of paper that I had to do and checked them off when I did them, so that I wouldn’t have to think about them as much at night. But it only worked to a certain degree.

Does anyone have any tips on relaxing your mind and tips on falling asleep faster?

Fine dining


Picture one: Sundays balcony-dinner. Picture two: Saturday at Harry’s (deer meat and carrot purée).

On Friday Joel’s parents came down for a visit. Since they were a bit tired and it was pouring down outside we opted for a simple pizza night with some beer at home.

On Saturday we went to Gekås i Ullared (which is surprisingly the largest attraction in Sweden with over a million visitors per year) since they had never been. We walked around the enormous store for about an hour and bought some hair products and a microwave since ours broke the day before. When we got back to town we bought some beer at System Bolaget and then went bowling, which was also a first for the two of them. We went home after that and drank some beers before heading to Harry’s for dinner at 8pm.

On Sunday we all woke up around 2pm, pretty tired from the night before. Since the weather was nice we walked to the store, and when we got back I made pancakes served with jam and ice-cream. Then we decided it would be nice to eat dinner on the balcony since the weather was so nice. Steaks, potatoes in the oven and pepper sauce. It was such a perfect ending to the weekend.

Crayfish party


Last Saturday a few friends of mine decided to have a little crayfish party. These parties are very popular in Scandinavia and are seasonal, usually in the summer or early fall. We eat crayfish and other shellfish, drink schnapps and other beverages, but since all of us were kind of pussies when it comes to shots. So we opted for wine instead.

Study study study


On monday I started my little journey towards a fuller education. I’m actually quite proud of myself, I’ve been reading a lot and really trying to put in the hours every day. I even finished a day early, since my boyfriends parents are visiting this weekend! So now I don’t have to study tomorrow while they’re here.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent the day studying, and when my baby got home he had bought me flowers, cake and a present. We spent the evening watching The Notebook, which I finally convinced him to watch (birthday girl gets to pick the movie).

In 1,5 hours I have to go to work, and then I only have one more workday this month! Yay. New month, and who knows, maybe we’ll take a little weekend trip to Rome!


A little snack before dinner.

Spa evening


On saturday we spent the evening at Falkenberg Strandbad. We spent 4hs in their various warm pools and it was truly a fantastic evening.





On monday I had my first day assisting a new circus school. 3 different groups of kids and it was pretty fun! It’ll be every monday for 3hs from now until December 11th. Doesn’t hur that the paycheck is pretty nice too!

On the 18th my school starts, I got an email confirmation today of my enrollment. I haven’t gotten the book for my first class yet though.. so I should really get on that.

Now for some more work on the outdoor table.

Romantic dinner