Yesterday I took the train at 05:07 am to Stockholm for my one week intro course for Viasat. We went out for beers when we got back to the hotell and just talked for a couple hours. This morning at 8 am I got up and we went down and ate breakfast. There’s something amazing about staying at a hotel and eating hotel breakfast. Today we got to try field sales, and it was a lot harder than I thought But still fun! Now I’m laying in my bed, completely exhausted and I’ve already brushed my teeth, so I’m just going to change and probably pass out instantly! Another day tomorrow. 


Yesterday, after I got off work, we took a little road trip up to IKEA to buy the last missing part of our outdoor sofa. So now it’s all done with cushions and everything! 

I woke up this morning with a headache, my throat hurts and a runny nose. I was supposed to work my last day at work today, But I had to write to my boss that I couldn’t. So now yesterday was my last day, and tomorrow at 5am I’m taking the train up to Stockholm for a week long course for my new job. I’m both nervous and excited and it’s going to be nice staying in a hotel for 5 days! All expenses paid, thanks to my new employer.