BURKEN, back in town!


This weekend I was in a show at Falkenbergs Stadsteater, which was basically a dedication to a childrens club they had back in the 60’s. They had live performances, dance, and a circus number, which I was a part of. We had rehearsed a bit the night before, but some of the musical numbers needed a bit more practise, so we met up at the theater at 10.30 the morning of the show and did a run-through. We did two shows, one at 3pm (which was sold out), and one at 7.30pm. One of the kids that did a circus number almost fell of the stage when he did a back flip, you could hear the crowd gasping, but luckily he just rolled back to his spot on stage. All in all it was a 12h day for the performers and crew. I was pretty damn tired when I got home, I think I slept like 13h that night, but it was a lot of fun!



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