Tour week

We left for tour on Sunday and spent the night in Lindesberg. We all ate dinner together and watched Shrek before we went to bed. At 8am the next morning we left for Stockholm and spent the day setting up the stage, and at 4pm I met up with my family and ate dinner before I went back to warm up before the show. When I got there there had been a little fire, so we had to open all the doors (one hour before start of course) and hope that the smoke smell would disappear. Other than that, the show was great. 

The next show was in Falun, and we had a bit of a stressful set up, with some technical difficulties so we had to let them in 15 min late. After the show we drove up to Bollnäs tp spend the night at our classmates house. Her mom had prepared tacos, and we all took turns taking showers and sat and talked until we had to go to bed. 

The next morning we left for Gävle, which was the biggest stage so far. We got there 45 min early so we sat down at an Espresso House and then went and bought some wine for that evening. The show went good too, we had a great audience and some questions afterward. After the show we left for Lindesberg again, we ordered food at Max and then popped open some champagne when we got there. We watched the second Shrek movie and drank wine and ate cheese and crackers. Cozy night.

Thursday I drove up to Västerås and spent the day with a friend. We ate lunch, walked around town and did some window shopping, had a beer at O’Learys and then went back to her place and talked until 9pm when I had to start driving back. 

Friday, the last show, was in Jönköping. The weather was amazing and the venue was probably one of the best we’d been at. The show started good, but around the middle of the first act a lot of the audience started to leave. At the intermission we heard that they had gotten very upset and angry after the rape scene. So only 3 of them watched the second act. After the show we had a 45 min talk where they expressed what they were upset about and we talked it trough so they left not as upset, so that was a relief. After the talk our teacher told us that a truck had driven into a store in Stockholm and 4 people had died. It all felt so unreal, we were all calling our friends and family to make sure that they were okay. Thankfully they all were. But I Can’t even begin to imagine the pain of the victims families. My thoughts go out to all of them.


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