laugh and tears


Yesterday when I got home from school, Joel and I bought pizza and went to the beach and just relaxed and played some ball. Falkenberg actually has a really nice beach, it’s like a smaller version of a beach in San Fransisco. The waves aren’t that big though so it’s not really a great surf spot. Not like Hawaii, I need to go back some time and learn how to surf.

Anyways, tonight is my first work day in about 3 weeks, and I have work tomorrow too. Need that money man. Next week my class is off on monday and tuesday, as compensation for all of our hard work. We also have individual meetings with the teachers where we’re going to discuss our progress and different things for next year. I hope the good weather stays until next week as well, so that I can hang out at the beach on monday and tuesday. Maybe I’ll try to get started with working out again, now that we don’t have as much going on at school.



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