This whole week has been messing with my sleeping pattern so now I can’t fall asleep.
I keep thinking about money, politics,  me most likely never being able to enter the US again if Trump wins, which would be extremely unfortunate since I want to move to LA and pursue the movie star life.
And also thinking about the world imploding if Trump really does win… I hope Bernie wins.

On that note I’m going to try to sleep now. ..

xo Ronja


the weekend


This week we’re on spring break, so no school for me. So far I haven’t done much, I read through my lines for a bit today, but other than that I’ve mostly been watching movies and been on youtube.

On Thursday last week we drove up to Stockholm, and on Friday morning we took the ferry over to Åland and spent the weekend there. We ate dinner with my bf parents and then I went disco bowling, which turned into a bar round, which continued to the night club. Typical. I worked on Saturday night, first time since August. It felt kinda weird at first, but it was like riding a bike. And there was barely any action (customer wise) so it was pretty chill.

Other than that I don’t have much to report. I’m thinking about trying to work on some accents today, go to the store (I really need to go outdoors, it’s sunny today), and wash some clothes.

Have a good one!


play it for me



Today rehearsal went really well. I felt more comfortable with the text than I have in the other scenes. During voice coaching we worked with pronunciation and then read bits from our texts. And apparently I talk  fast.

Tonight I’m going to volley ball practice and then a play by Teater Golem. And on thursday my school is arranging a volley ball tournament! Stoked.