summer love



Today we got started with classes again, and during our morning warm up we played ultimate frisbee and had a water balloon fight! And after that we did some characteristic exercises and improv. The beginning of this week was pretty dramatic and chaotic, so today was the first normal day, and it felt nice. Not to mention the amazing weather that has continued to get better and better since last week.

And since we were done with class a little early our teacher took us out for ice cream! Talk about a great end to a great day.



And then it was over.

Yesterday was our last performance of Herr Arnes Penningar. after the show we mingled with family members and friends and drank wine and ate some cheese and crackers, and when that was done my class moved on to party in one of the dorms. The school paid for beer and cider for my class as a gift to celebrate 8 great performances. Pretty damn nice. It feels strange that it’s already over, since this has been the focus of our school time for the past few months. It feels unreal. Only one month of school left, and then it’s summer break. Can’t believe how fast time flies when you’re having fun and working hard.

I have one school day this week and then on Thursday I’m off to Åland and on Friday my dad is getting married! Woop woop.




Picture from the beginning of the school year

So on tuesday I tested working at Harrys restaurant in Ullared. It was very different from working at a store (no shit), very high tempo, and since there was a group of 35 people in the conference room there was extra to do, even though it was only a tuesday.

So we’ll see how it goes and if I’ll be called back. Would be really great if I did! But next week and the weeks after that before our premiere are going to be pretty hectic.