A picture from when I was modeling for a friend.

Good morning (Or actually good afternoon)! On monday I started my new course, and since they had e-books I decided to buy those instead, since I thought I would get them the same day. Wrong. Here I am, still No books. I even went to the webstore and tried buying them again, this time chosing invoice as payment. Still No books in my email. What the hell? I had to write to my teacher and tell her I would be late with this weeks assignment. What a great start to this tough course….. So what am I going to do today? I think I’ll go christmas shopping, buy something for my baby sister. Hopefully when I get back I’ll have gotten an answer back from the support or my teacher.

Have a great wednesday!


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Over night the town turned into a snowy wonderland. It’s a good thing I have an appointment to change tires today! Although it’s going to be scary driving there. Here’s to hoping I don’t crash!

On saturday my boyfriends work has their yearly christmas party, and this year they’re allowed to bring their partners. Yay me, free food and free alcohol is something I never say no to!