On sunday we had a reservation at Ästad Vingård. They had a new years special which was a 5-course meal with a wine package. The food was okay, the wine was good, and the evening was great. After we had finnished our food we went down to the wine house where they had musical entertainment, and we sat there with the rest of the guests and danced, and at 12 we all got a complimentary glass of champagne while we counted down the new year.


I found some old pictures that my sister took of me a few years ago. Such a talented human being. You can find her blog here: momentscaptured

So what am I up to today? Not much. I have to read two novels and write a report about a theme that I chose. Already one day late, but hey, what’s another day? No but in all seriousness, this is going to take forever. And then at 4pm I start my last work-day of the year! Thank the lord! Tomorrow night we start the long drive up to Stockholm and then to the ferry. So tomorrow’s going to be a stressful day with preparations and packing (and studying… always studying). All in all we’re going to be gone for about a week, so I’m not sure which bag I should take. It’s leaning towards two bags since I would rather not take my suitcase.

Now, back to reading Wuthering Heights!


Hello blog!

This past week has been pretty hectic. Lots of school work (which I never seem to catch up on) and two Christmas shows with the circus groups! On monday we had a show with all of the groups where all their parents and friends could come and watch, and I would not be exaggerating if I said that at least 80 people came. It was insane, but it did a lot for the kids who truly put on the show of their lives. The crowd was very encouraging and clapped constantly. Then on tuesday and wednesday I worked at my other job. Finally, on thursday, we worked on our fire show and then drove up to Varberg to get all the stuff we needed for the kids show later on. We started at 5pm with glow-in-the-dark juggling, and then at 7pm the kids did a shorter version of their show (since not all of them were there), and at 8:10pm I did a fire show with my co-teacher out in the snow. To say the least it was insanely cold, but also totally awesome. I had some trouble lighting my fire-poi, but other than that it went really well! And people seemed really impressed. In the background we had two music teachers playing the bass and drums. Majestic.


The cold did however result in me getting sick, so this weekend I’ve been at home, mostly studying and laying on the couch. On friday I got my colored contacts in the mail, so I tried those on. Sometimes I wish I was born with blue eyes, but then sometimes I think that’s stupid because I like my dark brown ones.

Only a few days left until Christmas! Jesus, how is it already the 18th??? On friday night we’re driving up to the ferry, and then it’s off to Åland to celebrate with my dad and then later with my boyfriends family.


To celebrate my friends birthday we decided to go ice-skating and then we went out for dinner at this place called Pinchos. Everything is controlled through an app, and you order a bunch of tapas. AMAZING. Freaking love small food. It was almost too cute to eat. Almost. The food was great, i ate a mushroom risotto, chevre with beets, fried garlic mushrooms, and steak with fried potatoes. And the drinks! We all had white wine sangrias, and they were very tasty indeed.

After dinner we went to this other place called Bruket and played some pool and had a few more drinks before going home.


Today I went to H&M and tried on some different looks for new years. I ended up going with a dress in the same color as the top I’m wearing in the pictures. But I did really like this body(top) as well! Now I just have to find shoes that will go with the dress…. any tips on heeled boots? Or websites with nice affordable shoes?