So yesterday my beau came home from celebrating midsummers on Åland. Unfortunately I was at work until 11:30pm, and home by 12:00am, but it was nice to crawl into bed beside him after sleeping alone for 4 days.

I had some work schedule chaos yesterday, but by some turn of events I went from possibly having to be in two places at once, to not having to work at all today? Good news is I get to spend some time with my man, so yay.




Awe she was so cute when she was a kitten, miss those days when she was super little. My little Sixten. Most of my friends know that I love cats, and they usually tag me in posts on facebook about “crazy cat ladies”.

I read something interesting today. Small animals apparently experience time differently, making it look like larger animals are moving in slow motion. I wonder how my cat sees me…. “oh hey look, there comes that slow fuck again!” ?



9 more work days ahead, and this is how most of July is going to be for me. The things we do to survive. Really makes me want to go on vacation, just chill on the beach, drink copious amounts of alcohol and most of all not have to stress. Bali would be pretty nice. Anyways, I’ve started working at a camping/hotell check-in reception desk. It’s actually kind of fun. You get to see a lot of people, check them in and describe the way to their living quarters. And that’s pretty much it! Of course there is the occasional complainer…

Now I’m going to cuddle with my cat and watch a few episodes and then go to bed, work tomorrow again, yay!