Oatmeal with spirulina and fruits

1dl Oats 

2dl almond milk

1 teaspoon spirulina (optional)

top with frozen fruits and banana

A little tip if you want to start the morning off with a healthy breakfast. I’ve been feeling really sick every morning so far this week so I felt like I needed to  give my body a boost. I have a doctors appointment on monday to take some tests since I’ve been feeling iffy for like 6 months… Anyways, I was a bit lazy with my studying this weekend so I have to do a ton of work now. And it’s laundry day! Time to wash some clothes.


Finally friday, and I got back my assignment: everything right! So i celebrated with a mimosa ✌🏼. I was supposed to have the weekend off, but they called from work and it was a crisis, so I said I could work tomorrow evening and sunday morning. But since I want to do something we decided we’re going out to eat tonight at least. I’m just waiting for the man to get dressed and then we’re off. I think I might get both fish and a meat dish… or maybe dessert. I’m in the mood for going big!


Monday yet again. Today is the first day of the spring semester of Circus school!

When I got up I went to town to return some books, and then I went to Kicks and bought a new brow pen from Anastasia, and a brow gel from Loreal. I’m really unhappy with my brow shape right now… I’ve been thinking about microblading them for a while now, but I’m not sure that I want to commit to one shape for like a year or so? The good thing about filling them in with a pen is that I can change them when I get tired of them.

Well now I have to go, getting picked up in 4 min!