On monday I got a text saying that they wanted me to audition for a commercial in Stockholm, so on Wednesday I took the train up and spent the night at my bonus family and got to catch up with my sisters and my step mom. It was great, I’ve really missed them. On Thursday I went to the casting place and did my audition, which went OK. It didn’t feel great, I wish I had had more information so I could have prepared more. I kept going over different ways I could have done the scene differently while I was laying in bed last night. Well, done is done, and hopefully they liked what they saw! After that I met up with an old friend from school for coffee, and then met with another friend before I had to catch my train. Man I love Stockholm, I can’t wait until I can move there.

Today I have to study some, but I’m also working on a video audition for a movie that they’re going to shoot this summer. I reeeealllllyyyy hope I get that part. The commercial isn’t as important as the part in the movie. As long as I get that part I don’t really care if I get the commercial or not. Well I have to get to work!

Have a nice friday and weekend!


Oatmeal with spirulina and fruits

1dl Oats 

2dl almond milk

1 teaspoon spirulina (optional)

top with frozen fruits and banana

A little tip if you want to start the morning off with a healthy breakfast. I’ve been feeling really sick every morning so far this week so I felt like I needed to  give my body a boost. I have a doctors appointment on monday to take some tests since I’ve been feeling iffy for like 6 months… Anyways, I was a bit lazy with my studying this weekend so I have to do a ton of work now. And it’s laundry day! Time to wash some clothes.


Finally friday, and I got back my assignment: everything right! So i celebrated with a mimosa ✌🏼. I was supposed to have the weekend off, but they called from work and it was a crisis, so I said I could work tomorrow evening and sunday morning. But since I want to do something we decided we’re going out to eat tonight at least. I’m just waiting for the man to get dressed and then we’re off. I think I might get both fish and a meat dish… or maybe dessert. I’m in the mood for going big!