On monday I got a text saying that they wanted me to audition for a commercial in Stockholm, so on Wednesday I took the train up and spent the night at my bonus family and got to catch up with my sisters and my step mom. It was great, I’ve really missed them. On Thursday I went to the casting place and did my audition, which went OK. It didn’t feel great, I wish I had had more information so I could have prepared more. I kept going over different ways I could have done the scene differently while I was laying in bed last night. Well, done is done, and hopefully they liked what they saw! After that I met up with an old friend from school for coffee, and then met with another friend before I had to catch my train. Man I love Stockholm, I can’t wait until I can move there.

Today I have to study some, but I’m also working on a video audition for a movie that they’re going to shoot this summer. I reeeealllllyyyy hope I get that part. The commercial isn’t as important as the part in the movie. As long as I get that part I don’t really care if I get the commercial or not. Well I have to get to work!

Have a nice friday and weekend!


Got back from work an hour ago. Crazy tired as always when I have to get up at 6 and go to work…. Since I’ve just finished reading through all the Hunger Games books again I’m watching the first movie (again… haha). After that I should really start studying.

Yesterday I was in Gothernburg filming a humour clip for a youtube channel. We’ll see when it’s done, it’s a little bit odd, but I think it could be pretty funny. Mostly it was just really fun doing something that has to do with acting. And it was fun to be in a big city for the day! On the train ride home I bought a vogue magazine. I really need to see the new Star Wars movie!


More gorgeous pictures taken by my sister a few years ago.

Finally Friday!

Since new years was last weekend we’re taking it easy this weekend. Plus I have to work on Sunday morning. The day started with me waking up at 1 pm, exhausted and feeling sick. After making some breakfast I did some school work and now we’re sitting on the couch watching friends and drinking a few beers.

These past few days I’ve been updating my filmcafe profile and I’ve applied to be an extra in a few productions. So we’ll see if I hear back from any of them. I haven’t been too active on the acting job hunt these past few months, so I thought it was about time to get back at it. Another thing I probably should do is start apartment hunting in Stockholm, and planning the move, and asking J when we want to move. I’m not even sure where in Stockholm to start looking…. But I really can’t wait to live in a big city.  I’ve always wanted to, but so far I’ve only lived in small towns. So I’m thinking that this is the year I finally take the step!

Anyways, back to my super exciting Friday night plans.


I found some old pictures that my sister took of me a few years ago. Such a talented human being. You can find her blog here: momentscaptured

So what am I up to today? Not much. I have to read two novels and write a report about a theme that I chose. Already one day late, but hey, what’s another day? No but in all seriousness, this is going to take forever. And then at 4pm I start my last work-day of the year! Thank the lord! Tomorrow night we start the long drive up to Stockholm and then to the ferry. So tomorrow’s going to be a stressful day with preparations and packing (and studying… always studying). All in all we’re going to be gone for about a week, so I’m not sure which bag I should take. It’s leaning towards two bags since I would rather not take my suitcase.

Now, back to reading Wuthering Heights!


Today at 9am we did the hospital scene, which only took about 45 min to shoot all in all. So I was home a little over 11.

This weekend is basically going to be a bunch of work and school, except for tomorrow. My friends coming down for a visit so we decided to meet up for lunch. Haven’t seen her in months so it’s going to be great!