I often find myself having a hard time falling asleep. My mind wanders, I think about all the things I want to (but most likely won’t) do tomorrow, things I want to buy, when I’m going to buy them, money, lack off money, how to get money, things I did several years ago that I’m still embarrassed about, and what I could have done to change the situation….


It’s insane what a stressed mind can do. Sleep slips away and I find myself trying to count sheep or think “dream thoughts” (you know where you start by imagining a scenario or a scene and hope it develops into a dream). This can come and go in periods for me. But it occurs very often, and for a while I wrote things down on a piece of paper that I had to do and checked them off when I did them, so that I wouldn’t have to think about them as much at night. But it only worked to a certain degree.

Does anyone have any tips on relaxing your mind and tips on falling asleep faster?