sweet tooth

A sunny Saturday naturally meant a walk into town for some coffee and cake. My go-to when it comes to coffee is almost always chai lattes. I love the spicy taste! And since I’m a cake lover, I ordered this amazingness. It was a strawberry mousse pannacotta, and it was truly amazing. After that we went to a sports bar to watch a  hockey game and have a few beers. We ended up staying there for 4 hours and then going to the next place to play some pool. This is what’s so great about sunny weekends, they always inspire spontaneity.

Yesterday was as usual circus time. We took out the trapeze and silks this time. I love the silk, but since I have no upper body strength I usually get super tired if I go at it for a bit. Luckily the kids have more strength and energy. Or maybe just persistence. I don’t know, but it was a good lesson.

Today I’ve been writing an essay all day, I still have one more to write and it was supposed to be done today… Oh well, it’ll have to be a day late this time. Tomorrow I have to walk into town and take a test. It’s going to be awful, but I hope at least the weather will be good so that I don’t have to walk in snow or rain… That would suck even more.

One thing that keeps surprising me is how fast time flies the older you get. I mean the weeks are really just getting shorter and shorter…. It’s already March, and I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything so far this year. It’s probably not that bad, but it feels like if it keeps going at this rate it’ll be summer tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will be 2019. Slow down life! I can’t keep up. Other than that life is actually pretty good at the moment. I have a lot of balls in the air, but somehow still getting shit done. I have been thinking about dyeing my hair soon… I’m really sick of my hair.

Man it is late, time for bed for this grandma!



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