Today is a good day. Ordinarily fridays are my favorite days anyways, but days like this I’m reminded why. It’s sunny outside. I got two packages in the mail. I got a B in my math final. For the first time during this study period I’m actually ahead in my studying. I feel good! I quit my job on monday (not the circus job, the one in elderly care) and it feels like such a relief. I’ve been stressing over that job for months now. Since I’m a student and I took out student loans, I can only earn a certain amount, and that meant I could only work like 2 days a week, which was I guess starting to be a problem for them too, and it was a problem for me since I had to say no if they called and someone was sick. So yeah. It feels better this way. I have more time to focus on studying and sending out applications for acting jobs. I really need to just get in there. Apply, get a few rejections, and really just get my hands dirty. My hope is to one day be as amazing an actor as Meryl Streep or Margot Robbie. I’m re-watching Transformers right now since I just wanted to stare at Megan Fox a bit (my #1 girl crush, always will be). After this I’m going to watch I, Tonya, and then I really should get going with my school work I guess. Never too early to start!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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