Fine dining


Picture one: Sundays balcony-dinner. Picture two: Saturday at Harry’s (deer meat and carrot purée).

On Friday Joel’s parents came down for a visit. Since they were a bit tired and it was pouring down outside we opted for a simple pizza night with some beer at home.

On Saturday we went to Gekås i Ullared (which is surprisingly the largest attraction in Sweden with over a million visitors per year) since they had never been. We walked around the enormous store for about an hour and bought some hair products and a microwave since ours broke the day before. When we got back to town we bought some beer at System Bolaget and then went bowling, which was also a first for the two of them. We went home after that and drank some beers before heading to Harry’s for dinner at 8pm.

On Sunday we all woke up around 2pm, pretty tired from the night before. Since the weather was nice we walked to the store, and when we got back I made pancakes served with jam and ice-cream. Then we decided it would be nice to eat dinner on the balcony since the weather was so nice. Steaks, potatoes in the oven and pepper sauce. It was such a perfect ending to the weekend.


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