Fall is coming


The best beauty product?

Blush definitely, to give a little color to my dull face.

What color do you prefer on your nails?

Nude and long nails are the best!

Favorite piece of clothing?

Now that it’s starting to get cold, cozy sweaters and my trench coats that I ordered last week.

Favorite accessory?

My daniel wellington watch.

Favorite color for clothes?

Burgundy, grey or black.

What is the best thing about fall?

Dark nights, cozying up to my man, a hot cup of tea, and not feeling bad about staying in all night watching my favorite shows.

What is the worst thing about fall?

Cold nights, having to wear several layers of clothes, and wind. Not to mention the constant cold I usually have.

The best beverage?

Green tea.

What do you listen to right now?

Mostly house music, but I’ve also recently found classic music to be very pleasing.

Favorite tv show?

Hard to pick one,  but right now I guess it would be Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Shameless, and Greys Anatomy.

The best scent?

Fabric softener. And anything that smells like pear or watermelon.

Are you going away on a trip?

We’re thinking about a vacation over christmas or right after. But I’m not sure where to yet. But hopefully!

What do you prefer doing on a rainy day?

Watching a movie and eating a good dinner. Or spending the day at a spa.


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